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AI / II= Artificial Intelligence or Increased Intelligence*


Cabinet-Conseil Patrice Ciana invests heavily in:

•    Research and Development (R&D)
•    Attending various training courses 
•    Developing its network of partnerships

Using its exclusive resources, Cabinet-Conseil Patrice Ciana innovates while further developing its systems, processes and increased intelligence protocols, to identify and evaluate new business opportunities, such as:

1.    Multi-data analysis filters
2.    Algorithms
3.    Innovation generators
4.    Networks of professionals
5.    Feedback loops
6.    User labs
7.    Documentary monitoring
8.    Expert networks
9.    Diversified document sourcing

*Luc Julia (creator of voice-controlled assistants and a pioneer of enhanced reality) speaks about Increased Intelligence in his French book “L’Intelligence artificielle n’existe pas” first print 2019 (First Editions).

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